Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage Essay

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It is said that every two marriages end in divorce. Even though this estimate seems to be pretty high, there is no question that in today’s society the biggest cause of divorce is people getting married way too soon. The question is “Should Couples Live Together before Marriage?” Some may agree that it is a good idea to cohabitating before marriage but some may not. Their decision may be based on their parents’ standards and strong belief background. From personal experience, couples (those who are actually planning to start a life together) should live together before marriage. For many reasons: to see how your spouse lives, it helps finically, and it is practice before the real thing. You always want to know you are ready before you need up with someone you are not compatible with. If you take a look at past generation couples, you will see that they will meet, fall in love, got marry than begun to start a family together. But obviously times are changing, nowadays, it is more common for couples to spend some time together (living together) before making that big decision and walking down the aisle. One of the biggest steps in a relationship is deciding to move in together but it also can be a good idea only if you and your spouse had an open and honest conversation about getting married prior to moving. For instances, men will probably say yes to building a future with you if he feels like his back is against the wall and he has no other choice, but then later down the

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