Colagen Synthesis

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Collagen synthesis: 2 Vitamin C is very essential for this process as it help to maintain and synthesise the collagen. The collagen in the body is one of the most important proteins in the human body. The collagen is very strong and it is found in the skin. The vitamin C is also very important to the collagen as it helps to protect the skin by producing and promoting the fibroblasts which help to support the normal wound healing. In addition to this when a person has reached a really old ages the vitamin C will help the from the old age wrinkles in the premature aging. when a body is given a high amount of vitamin C then this amount of concentration will help to stimulate the syntheses of type 1 collagen which is a really important characteristics …show more content…

The overall main function of the basement membrane function is to be a barrier in order to prevent the body from allowing the cancer cells from passing deeper into the tissues. The vitamin C is linked to the basement membrane in many ways these include the followings; the vitamin C helps to accelerate the protein between the areas of dermis and epidermis. With this the vitamins C will also maintain the gel like state of the basement membrane which will help to hold back the unwanted entry of the tumor into place through the basement membrane. A tumor is the extra tissue which has no absolute purpose to it.
Cartinitine synthesis: 5,6
Vitamin C is very important and essential for the synthesis of the carnitine. A carnitine is a compound which is present in a vertebrate muscle, this help to transfer all of the fatty acids across the mitochondria membranes. fro humans this can be obtained from the food they eat e.g.: meat etc. when the carnitine transfers the fatty acids it is important an factor which help the production of the ATP which is needed for the energy in the cells.

Neurotransmitters synthesis: …show more content…

This in a way is very important for the body to maintain because if there was less vitamin C then it would be very difficult for the body to respond quickly to wounds which would take much more longer to heal therefore if there is a great supply of vitamin C present then there is more chance for wounds etc to heal up much more quickly. The vitamin C also helps to protect against the removal of calcium out of the bones. If this does by any chance happen then there will be more chance that the bones will be less strong and won’t be able to function well.

In addition to this the vitamin C also acts like a antioxidant which fights the stress in the bone tissue. Also vitamin C is needed at the time when the collagen cross-linking occurs. Similarly it’s required to form a matrix for the best possible bone strength.

Function of immune system:
In terms of the immune system the use of vitamin C is very important because it is used to work in many different ways with the immune system:
• Formation of the prostaglandin
• Natural killer cell activity
• It helps the immune system to respond to any vaccination which the individual may take
• Helps to produce antibodies much more

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