Collaboration Case Study

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Question 1: How does IDEA define Collaboration? What does collaboration look like in special education? Who is involved and how? Select two models of co-teaching and describe them in your words. Collaboration is a key component in special education. Under IDEA collaboration is described as the relationship between the general education teacher and the special education teacher and how they work together to better the education for the students in need. Under IDEA collaboration contain "the strongest expectations ever" (Friend 108). Collaboration is essential before the student is even considered for special education. When the student is being considered for special education collaboration must occur with all school personnel who have an…show more content…
Collaboration between the two teachers begins with a mutual goal. Co-teaching is defined as a "service delivery model in which two educators . . . combine their expertise to jointly teach a heterogeneous group of students" (Friend 118). Team teaching is one way to co-teach. In teaming, the two teachers need to have built a strong collaborative relationship. In doing this they will share the instructional responsibilities of the entire class. Teaming has the potential to influence and include all the students and does not categorize the students into groups based on their ability. Teaming is a great method but generally needs to be combined with another co-teaching method. In some cases teaming could be paired with the One Teach, One Observe method. These can be paired because the teaching could go either way depending on the population of children with special needs in that specific classroom. In the one teach, one observe method of co-teaching, the general education teacher will be able to take control of the entire class, while the special education teacher takes notes and documents what is going right and what is going wrong. In doing this each teacher can hold the other accountable and work together in deciding how to better educate the class as a
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