Collapse of Abc Learning Centre Austrailia

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Table of Contents 1
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 The Internal and External Environment 2 2.1 The Internal Environment 2 2.2 The External Environment 3
3.0 Managerial Ethics 5
4.0 Corporate Social Responsibility 7
5.0 Conclusion 10
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1.0 Introduction

ABC Learning Centers, an Australian company was then run by CEO Eddy Groves and at one point was the world's largest provider of early childhood education services before the company bizarrely collapsed. The share price had dropped from a massive $8.50 to just $1.15 within a span of a year (Cohen C 2009)
The purpose of this report is to identify and critically discuss management issues at ABC Learning Centers (ABCLC) with specific focus on three areas: • The
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And according to the chairman Dr. D. R. Arora, the main reason behind the success of Shemrock is because the company is committed on employing the best personnel from the talent pool and they give their workers the freedom to speak their minds; and so continually improve the learning standards. Teachers and principles of all branches are encouraged to call the head office if they have any suggestions and proposals. This shows that Shemrock has adopted the right view of ethics as they protect the right of their employees to freedom and free speech. And this approach is supported by Mennivanan & Premila (2009, p.10) who authorize after research in Quality Management in Teaching that the most important factor to get the best out of a teacher is to offer them the credibility and respect, otherwise they will not attempt to contribute more to improve the process of learning with community.
The utilitarian view of ethics also however, can be applied in the educational sector. Lasalle College of the Arts is an arts educational institution in Singapore. It is a non-profit, private educational institution, operating autonomously with financial support from Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) (Lasalle 2010). In year 1997, the MOE enforced the board members of LCA to cut-cost wherever possible as the country had suffered somewhat from the financial crisis. The chairman of LCA, Alastair

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