Collateral Beauty Analysis

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Collateral Beauty, a story about Howard Inlet (Will Smith), a haunted shell of the person he used to be. After his only child died of cancer at the age of 6, he became a lament ridden, wasted out man. He never did talk to anyone, about anything. But when his business starts going down his associates Claire, Whit, and Simon begin to look for answers. They find these answers in Howard's letters to the universe, more specifically Time, Love, and Death. One one fateful occasion Whit meets these three actors (Keira Knightley who plays Amy, Helen Mirren who plays Brigitte, and Jacob Latimore who plays Raffi) and begins thinking. He tells his plan to his colleagues and they go with it. They hire the actors to play Time, Love, and Death. Once the plan is over and the business is in good hands is when you get to find out more about his daughter and his ex-wife. Music is a key element in any film, but especially in tear jerking films like this one. Theodore Shapiro did the sound work for this film. The whole soundtrack for this film flows together perfectly. In the opening scene of the movie Howard walks away from the falling dominos and the song that plays fits the mood, the action of what Howard is doing, and the lighting. He worked with non-diegetic sound in an ingenious way. But his work with diegetic sound was okay, there was potential to be better and it’s not horrible there’s just some space for improvement. However, everything balances out and the sound in this movie is
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