Collecting Depression Glass Is A Fun, Fascinating Hobby

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Collecting depression glass is a fun,fascinating hobby. My interest in these unique pieces flourished after my grandmother gave me a blue dinner plate belonging to her mother as a wedding gift. I brought the plate out at. Thanksgiving for cranberry sauce and at Christmas for deviled eggs. Years later,I was rummaging a local antique mall in South Florida and discovered a saucer of the same color and pattern. The sticker on the bottom told me it was depression glass. I started reading any literature on the subject of collectible glass. The more I read the more I realized that much of the everyday glassware in my grandmothers ' kitchens had been depression glass- Grandpa 's transparent green coffee mug and the milky white cake plate where…show more content…
Neighborhood yard sales are also an excellent way to search for this colorful glass. Antique stores and 'malls ' sometimes offer reasonable deals on depression glass; however, they tend to overprice many of their items. If you hunt at retail antique stores, be aware of the price differences between other similiar stores and be familiar with an updated glass pricing guide that gives the current value of a particular glass piece. How Do You Become Familiar with Depression Glass Patterns,Colors and Pieces? There are numerous websites on the subject of collectible glassware. These sites include signup for free newsletters and megaglass malls where you shop 'aisles ', view photos of glass and order online. There 's no substitute, though, for finding a book that thoroughly discusses depression glass. A good reference tells the company who manufactured the glass, the pattern names, the piece and colors available and their prices. Familiarize yourself with those facts so you are well-armed when you set out to locate the types of glass you want. What Patterns Do You Find in Depression Glass? There are 92 recognized patterns made from 1923 to 1939, the years whose glass is most desired and collected. Pattern names are richly descriptive. Some depict animals (lovebirds,parrots),designs(cubes,circles,thumbprints), and foods(avocados,cabbages). Names with regal bearing like sharon rose,
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