College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Nurse

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When I first started college, I had several questions I asked myself regarding my future. I thought about what my major would be and what my living arrangements would look like post-grad, but I never questioned what my future career would look like. While I had an overwhelming amount of options, I always had a fixed certainty that I would be in the medical field. The only question was in what capacity? Coming in as a freshman, I could have studied to be a surgeon, a doctor, or even a medical lawyer. Ultimately, I knew that changing people’s lives through medicine was my passion—I just needed to find an outlet. However, not once did my 18-year-old self think that I would find my way into a nursing career. As I’ve come to find, life rarely works out as planned. What lead me on the pathway to becoming a nurse is all but conventional, yet I would not change any…show more content…
As a lab technician, I spent most of my time in my lab, but I would visit the Clinical Research Unit on slow days, as it deeply fascinated me. I couldn’t help directly, however I got to witness even more of the medical world. It didn’t happen all at once, but it was easy to see how my passion and desire to work with people in a nursing capacity unraveled. When my letter finally came from Utica, I knew that I was doing what was right for me—and eventually, the people I will treat. I know that nursing takes hard work and commitment. I know that there are long, arduous hours, frustrating moments, and a tremendous amount of effort that goes into helping patients. However, I also know that there is nothing else in this world I want to do more than this. After honing in on my niche for four years, I’m fully committed to nursing and the journey it will take me on. Ultimately, I’m in this field for the long haul and being accepted into the Nurse Corps would be an integral part of that
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