College Admissions Essay: Accepting Cultural Differences

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My stomach dropped as I stared at myself in the mirror: I was completely bald. The long, dirty-blonde hair that normally rested over my ears was lying in the trash can of the barber shop I was standing in. I had just arrived at military school, so I was obligated to receive a military-style haircut. "Jones! You are Jones, right?" A tall, lean man yelled at me in a harsh accent. As I confirmed my identity, my stomach dropped even more as I figured I was in trouble. "Come with me! Training begins now," ordered the unrelenting stranger. I obeyed, following him until we reached a group of cadets standing on a hill overlooking dunes that extended for miles toward a colossal mountain. "Run to top of the mountain and back," he demanded. Confused,…show more content…
The diverse student body, coming from many different countries and cultures, enabled me to see the world from multiple perspectives. I fully engaged in their values and thinking processes, which allowed me to comprehend the cultural differences I perceived, leading me to scrutinize my own beliefs. Academics were rigorous, as expected from a college preparatory program. I worked relentlessly to learn as much as I could, paying close attention to even the most minor details that the militarized instructors taught. It was a policy of the school to help cadets with time management every day, which allowed me to adopt successful study habits. These habits, combined with the self-confidence I gained from cross-country, prompted me to work diligently and effectively. After finishing the semester with A's on my transcript and solidifying the school's reputation as a top cross-country force, I decided that my best option was to return home and resume a normal high school experience. The revolutionary training and extensive study habits I adopted have stuck with me, and I am more understanding of myself after delving into many unique perspectives. Although I no longer have a shaved head to stare at in the mirror, I will always retain the positive traits that I adopted while at military
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