College Admissions Essay: Einstein's Role In The World

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The imagination is a grand thing; it will bring you everywhere, as Einstein once said. You can imagine anything. Say, your role in the world. Everybody has a role: scientists, discovering new things to help the world; authors, providing education and entertainment; construction workers, building our houses and other living spaces. You must build a community to be part of it.
Now, as a child, I would say that I don’t really know what role I play. As a child, you’re supposed to learn, grow, get a job, and try to help society to grow and thrive. Einstein’s role was being a scientist, a father, a husband. He theorized many things such as relativity or the equation E = mc2, which have proven to be true. If you look back over history, you will see …show more content…

I can stay focused for hours on end learning about something in science I enjoy. Writing will keep me entertained as a create new worlds. You can connect these passions to what adults with jobs do. Authors, as I mentioned before, entertain and educate. Sometimes a friend and I will write a story together, and we entertain ourselves with the worlds we create. Others also read my stories, and hopefully get entertained by them. I would say that is remotely like what an author does, minus the very large audiences. Scientists discover and educate. I love learning about science, and others sometimes learn from me.
Entertainers, educators, and learners need imagination. It is the basis of creation. “Creative” and “imaginative” are synonyms. Creative, creation, and creator share the same beginning. Imagination and creation go hand-in-hand. In order to be an entertainer, you need imagination. You can't entertain people when you have no imagination, because nothing will be funny or original. In their work, educators and learners have to be creative. They have to hook people and make them actually want to do what you are doing. All of these things I name as my roles are about exploration. As a learner, you explore your subjects. You can go deeper with your thinking when you explore it with your mind and discuss

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