College Admissions Essay: The Importance Of Books

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Books are meant to be read a page at a time. You start at page one and end at page whatever. Each page between the first and the last holds an important, wonderful aspect of the story and deserves as much attention as the last page. No story is worth reading to the end and missing out on appreciating important details in between because you were too focused on the ending.
Life is a lot like that, especially yours.
The beginning of your book was not the happiest. I know that you lost your chance at a proper childhood; you knew long names of medication and understood the meanings of words such as “prognosis”, uniformed ladies became your best friends within the walls of a massive building filled with death and sickness and most things became
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So instead of focusing on fighting your fight and being focused on what you have left, you delegate all your energy to fearing the possibility of further loss because you feel the need to protect yourself from something you could not protect yourself from before.
You are not appreciating all the pages of your book. You are skimming through many, many pages as you are too concerned about the end.
But you do not have to.
If the end is what you fear, then so be it. If it happens it happens and if it does not it does not. I know that the reality of your fears is difficult to bear and I am in no way saying that you have no right to be scared. You have absolutely every right to be, but fear has no right to be you.
You do not know what the ending of the book is, so why in God’s name are you letting your fear ruin the course of your story?
I want you to take each day as it comes, to realize that your story is so much more than what may or may not happen. I want you to run through the sprinklers and jump on your bed as though you are five years old. I want you to be, just as you are. Appreciate every damn page in your book.
You and your fear are two very different
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