College Admissions Essay: Why Teach?

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“Why Teach?” Although this seems like a very complicated question, the answer to it is actually quite easy. Teachers have always been an intrical part of society, and they are the stepping stones that help students to succeed. According to a survey by Haselkorn and Harris in Those Who Can, Teach, sixty-two percent of people surveyed said the teaching profession provided the most benefits to society. This survey rated teaching first over physicians, nurses, and even lawyers. As a future teacher, I want to positively influence children's lives, impart knowledge within their lives and create a comfortable environment where they can learn. As a teacher, I want to make an impact on someone’s life. I know this will be a huge accomplishment, and I will get to experience this everyday. On an ordinary day, I will teach lessons on math, English and social studies, but I will also serve as a role model for my students. I will live my life in a positive manner and show my students that through hard work, success can happen. In addition, I will create meaningful lessons that address many different learning styles in the classroom. I know that I will have students with diverse learning styles, and I want to create lessons that can highlight their strengths. I want …show more content…

I feel as though all teachers should teach their students not only the bases of learning, but also that they matter and have a voice in this world. I will help them feel comfortable through sharing ideas with their classmates without being judged. In addition, I would arrange the classroom so the students feel they are a part of the learning environment. I will add encouraging posters, and I will involve students in creating this learning environment. When the classroom is organized and colorful, it not only creates a positive vibe, but also promotes learning and

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