College Essay : College Improves Life

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Elena Cisneros
Mrs. Stanley
English II
24 June 2015
College Improves Life
Did you know that the average amount of parties that a college student goes to in a year is 62? Probably not, it is not a common thing to know. I am sure that lots of people have read stories or watched movies where college kids just drink and party. Also, that they are just there to party and skip classes. That is not true though, in most cases, you go to college to learn things and to help get a job or go to a university. Going to college greatly improves an individual’s life, more so than not going to college, because it gives more job opportunities and job stability, and individual gets more knowledge, and it gives life experience that can last a life time.
College greatly improves an individual’s life because it opens up more job opportunities and can give you more job stability. “The academic and career skill credentials a college education provides often will help you stand out among job applicants and peers that might be up for the same promotion” (Dalby). Going to college makes you stand out amongst others who might have the same experience. A higher degree lets you go up higher in a company, in most cases. “No matter your career, more education will help you” (“How”). If an individual had the chance for higher education, then that individual should take the chance. Education will always help you. Like for a job, people want to employ those who are more qualified for the job. During an
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