College Is Not The Most Logical Approach Essay

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We can all come to an agreement and say that we have all heard someone in our lives say “You need to go to college if you want to get a good job and live a happy and successful life”. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? You have to admit, it is a bold and powerful statement. But is college the only way to reach the success and to land a good job? Do these people that are constantly nagging on us not realize that with going to college come personal debt, unneeded baggage, and just a whole lot of uncertainties and risks? In their defense, though, college opens the door to many opportunities and there are many benefits and upsides. Just imagine hearing your name being called out and you walking across stage to receive a degree in medicine or even theatre. That fulfillment and satisfaction that quickly fills your body and all you can think about is beginning your life. But when it comes down to the wire, although it is the most logical approach, college is not the only key to success. Let’s start from the beginning and that is career choice. This step is highly important because it can lead you down a whole new path. Whether that is in the medical field, managing a clothing store, working as a receptionist, or owning a law firm, does your career choice require a college degree? No one can wake up one morning and decide to be a surgeon, I mean you can but a career like this does require further education and a college degree. Now if someone wants to be a salesman, that job does not

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