College Parents In High School

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As a student myself I think once you’re in college parents should not be able to get into your grades. In high school my senior year a teacher told the whole class how we had to be independent because when we got to college our parents can’t talk to the teachers or do anything for you anymore and that we were responsible in college because we were now adults and that’s how college works. She really taught us on how to be independent and not rely on our parents. Now that I am in college her advice was really helpful because I became independent and not relying on my parents for everything. This topic many students will say that they like their privacy and parents might say that since they are paying for their college so they’d like to see their grades. High school is over and when a student gets to college they are an adult now and should be responsible. Glendale should not do a plan like this because college students are adults and don’t need parents checking their grades or doing things for them anymore. First the reason they should not do a plan like this at GCC is because when a student reaches college they are adults now and should be responsible and not for the parents to baby them and still be checking up their grades. For example, in the article it talks about how if they do sign participation ends when student turns 21 but in reality it should end when they end high school and enter college, “Students who enroll in PIE can opt out at any time. Participation ends

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