College Program On The Ung Campus

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Part One During this past semester, I received my twenty volunteer hours at the Steps to College program on the UNG campus. Our class was Economics taught by Mrs. Tevi Reed. Mrs. Reed is an economics instructor in the Hall county school district and teaches at West Hall High School. The steps to college program is a program to help English learning students earn extra credit in a course of their choosing. Steps to college runs from June 1st- July 1st. The program consisted of a majority of Hispanic students mostly speaking Spanish as their native language. Our economics class had exactly 21 students enrolled with three choosing not to attend after the first week of class. The students were bused in from several different school districts. These districts were Hall, Forsyth, Gainesville city, and Banks. One thing that really impressed myself was the fact that all the children I encountered were bilingual or in the process in becoming bilingual. Some were obviously more fluent in English than others but I was really impressed overall with their English skills .Mrs. Reed was a very organized instructor. Each day we followed the same pattern. At the start of class she would provide about an hour’s worth of instruction followed up with some practice on USA test prep. USA test prep is a website where instructors can create short quizzes or even long tests for preparation for standardized testing. Mrs. Reed informed me that in order to receive credit for the class, the student
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