College Really Is Not a Waste of Time Essay

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College Really Is Not a Waste of Time Although many people see college as a pathway to success, it is not for everyone. Many people make the decision to go to college because they want more out of life than what a regular day job has to offer. Sure McDonald’s could pay the bills but most people want a stable life. Most people would like to see themselves doing better than “well off”. College may often seem like a waste of time and money but receiving a degree is rewarding. With the degree in hand a person will be first in line for the best jobs after college or the college you attend has a wonderful job placement after school. College prepares you for the real world and offers opportunities to achieve more in life. Of course there are a …show more content…

Most people do not consider things such as these because they focus more on the cost of school which is understandable considering our economy. College can be outrageously expensive depending on your choice of college but there are things like financial aid which is helpful. There are also many different scholarships and grants to consider. A student is not guaranteed any of these but applying for these opportunity may not hurt. If anything, the students has a better chance not having to pay for school. There are plenty of scholarships that go unnoticed, it just takes determination and hard work. Colleges also offer different payment plans so aside of scholarships and grants, there’s always part time jobs. Fast food restaurants may not pay enough for a full education or cost of living but every little thing counts. That’s less than a student has to pay back later considering that the cost is one of the biggest reasons people choose not to go.
As high school graduates, it is a tough decision, choosing to go to college because we often believe that those “12 years” were enough. Although High school prepares students for college, whether college is worth it or not is ultimately up to the individual. One can only make this decision when he/she is sure about their goals and how much it’s going to take to get what they want out of life. Life is not all money and riches but everyone would like to consider themselves successful or at

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