College Worth?

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Is College Worth It? College is a place for higher education. Many people go there for further study every year. Meanwhile, plenty of people skip college or drop out of college. Sort of people believe college is not worth because it cost too much. Most people think college is worth because you will able to get a good job when you holding a degree. Yes, because being a college graduate can help you gain more than the money you spent to pay for college. College is worth it because you will have a better job and pay then you can support yourself and your family. College student debt grows year by year, which means many students are unable to pay back their loan because they drop out of college or unable to find a job that can help they …show more content…

This can make our environment better. Also, as “The (Non-Monetary) Value of a College Degree” Elia Powers mentions “In every age category, college graduates cast ballots at a higher rate than those who didn't receive a diploma. The trend is particularly pronounced for the 25- to 44-year-old group, in which 76 percent of college graduates voted, compared with 49 percent of high school graduates.” This means college graduate are also more willing to vote too. They want to be involved in the election. This is good for the democracy of the country. We all deserve the right to enjoy the facility of our country; however, we have the duty to serve our country too. College can make you become a good citizen who can improve our society. College is worth it also because it will build your personality and grow intellectually. Some people think college is a risky investment because if you are taking more debt, and unable to pay back afterword, you will be in big trouble. However, if you think more deeply about what else college can bring to you; you will see college can actually bring you more rewarding assets. In the online article “Is College worth it?” from PewResearchCenter, the Pew Social Trends Staff said “Among survey respondents who graduated from a four-year college, 74% say their college education was very useful in helping them grow intellectually; 69% say it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a

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