College Should Take At Least A Few College Classes

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Devin Mahoney
Professor Jones
English 165
13 July 2015
Lets Go to College
I believe that everyone should take at least a few college classes throughout their life. College is for everyone, even for those who did not go to a college right after high school. College might not be a top priority in everyone 's life. Even though it may not be a top priority, going to college is a very selfless act in which the national community benefits from. Even as a parent, a growth and developmental psychology class can help a parents realize why their child are acting a certain way, and even develop methods to boost a child 's confidence. If someone is unhappy with their career choice, college is a great way to learn what career choices are more …show more content…

This will mean that the child will most likely need a tutor, and the child will most likely struggle if he/she does not have one. In other words, a parent needs to be a teacher. We can not educate others with knowledge that you do not have. Robert T. Perry, an executive director of the South Dakota Board of Regents state 's, “Higher education allows people of all backgrounds to hone their writing, reading, cognitive, and critical thinking skills that enable them to actively participate as citizens.” When someone has certain skills they are able to educate others. When one is educated they are actively bettering themselves and their own community. Even if that means just making sure that your kids are educated. Even a simple math class class at the local junior college can help a parent educate themselves, therefore they are able to educate their child. This will help raise a healthy and confident child because they are succeeding in school, and a confident child is more likely to go onto higher education. An educated community results in being active in society. This is good for economic growth and the overall health of a community.
It is financially advisable to go to school because a degree shows that graduates have the skills needed for a higher paying job. David Autor, an M.I.T. economist, came to the conclusion that it actually costs the average person 500,000 dollars to not go to college (in Leonhardt). This means that

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