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Going to college is a rite of passage in the United States; it is the next logical step after graduating high school. During the course of my educational career my parents would always stress about getting an higher education so I could become more successful in the future. However, there is a problem that is not being addressed one is how professors are evaluated. College professors are not being evaluated based on the students performances; in all reality a professor could have every student fail a class and still keep their job. How can this be? Although this may not seem like a big problem it actually is due to the fact people know that this is happening but no one is actually doing anything about it. The solution to this problem is that students should have more of a voice when it comes to professors being evaluated for reappointment, as well as more in depth process for initial professor selection upon hiring.
For college student is should very important for us to get the most out our education due to the fact that we are investing time and money into the school, so it only right for us to get a professor that meet a certain standard of teaching such as we as student must meet a certain standard from our professor. It should not be that elementary middle and high school teachers should be evaluated but not college professors,which sounds very ridiculous to be very honest. For example in any colleges or university there is alway a professor that almost every student

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