Preparing for College

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Preparing For College It is the dream of everyone to join college with the hope of getting a better tomorrow and a foundation for them to make it in life. However, this may not be the case with some students as this dream may turn into a nightmare. This is because many students fail to go through or others even fail simply because they have not prepared enough; not just academically but also on the personal side. Many college students lack vision, they still have not found their purpose to be in school. A vision in this case is supposed to be kind of a "plan" for their college life. It is meant to guide them and help them achieve the sole purpose for joining college and pursue careers of their dream .When they lack goals, it is then that they are drowned into peer vices such as substance abuse and they end up ruining not only education life but also their future. It would be advisable for higher learning institutions to encourage freshmen students as they join college to develop goals. Another symptom of inadequate preparation is lack of motivation. When a college student lacks motivation, it is obvious that what follows is loss of desire to attend classes. This is followed by frequent absenteeism and poor grades will be the final outcome. Laziness and failure to complete and submit assignments on time is also caused by lack of motivation. Motivation is what a student entirely relies upon since it is what fuels him or her towards the journey of success. It is what
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