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I have worn numerous hats in my lifetime a mother, grandmother, manager, logistics and even a waitress, but now I am what I call “professional student.” At present, this latest one is an unpaying position, at least, does not pay cash but is very rewarding I am a college student. As a college student, I take this position as my number one job in my life right now. I don’t believe I have to illustrate to most of my classmates what it is like to be a student, but from my prospective going back to college after you have raised a family is a job I take extremely seriously. I could ask myself how typing relates to being a college student.

2 I want to clearly state I did not take a typing course, it is keyboarding! A clear difference in keyboarding …show more content…

Hence, the proper use of the keyboard is an invaluable skill among people in the workforce, as for my job as a college student/mother I utilize it when I correspond via letters for grants, e-mailing my friends and instructors, online discussion and social media. This class has facilitated in writing reports, research, taking notes and, writing my own study sheets. I have learned keyboard layout, posture, and hand placement has been established. Subsequently, an emphasis was placed on accuracy, speed and meeting your deadline in this class. In this class, we also practiced keyboarding shortcuts. Elements that should be retained are implementing more complicated sentences featuring a variety of punctuation, capitalization, and special …show more content…

When I examined the GDP I noted when I started this class my wpm was 10, the average college student types at about 30-35 wpm. We increased speed by taking practice tests and doing drills. I have strived to improve my keyboarding skills by doing all the exercises assigned to me. I examined the report and noticed in a 3 minute timed writing, I have achieved a 47 wpm with one error. I am sure the typing part of the course is based on years of research to achieve this type of results in such a short period. I had forgotten how to write a correctly spaced business letter. Not only did I forget the spacing of the letter, I had no idea that “someone” changed the spacing behind a period in a sentence to one space. I was never informed before this class the proper spacing for

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