College Will Be The Best Four Years Of Your Life Essay

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Friends Forever? Everyone says that college will be the best four years of your life. Naturally after hearing that for four years in high school, I was very excited to go to college. But I was also sad. I kept thinking “Am I ready for college?”, “Am I ready to leave all my friends?” and “Am I really going to like college?” Of course no matter how ready I felt for college, I was going. For me, the transition from high school to college wasn’t that difficult but it was still a big change for me.
High school was actually very good for me. At first it was difficult to make friends, but by my senior year I had amazing friends. A majority of my friends were a year younger than me so when it was time to talk to them about college, they weren’t really thinking about it yet. Luckily I did have some friends that were my age so I had some people to talk to about college.
In order to get into college, you have to graduate with a good GPA and you have to take the ACT and of course you have to apply. When it was my junior year of high school, it was time to take the ACT. I was super nervous because this was one of the things that would determine if I would get into a good college or a bad college. The first time I took the ACT, I took it at Montini, the high school I went to. It was a Saturday morning when my friends and I took the ACT. We ended up being in the same classroom, so when there was a break, we were able to talk. Talking with them during the breaks helped calm me down, since…
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