Collegiate Sports : Should Players Get Paid?

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The biggest question in collegiate sports right now is should players get paid to play? Some argue it would destroy the amateurism in collegiate sports. If they are paid then they should be considered professionals. Others say it would help the students be able to support themselves while they are in college. They are getting a free education from a top university isn’t that enough? No and that’s why I say yes and that collegiate athletes should get paid to play sports because money is being made from the use of their talents and exploitation of their likeness.
There is a lot of money being made by the NCAA and schools that have major programs in any sporting event. There are 460,000 students that participate in collegiate sports …show more content…

Its purpose was to be a rules and regulating body for intercollegiate sports. Also to establish rules for recruiting and financial aid to athletes. And control the amount of money going to each school and various organizations.
As television began to broaden our horizons and collegiate games were being able to be seen around the world the NCAA saw a major influx in money it was receiving after the 1980’s. Now almost every sports and championship is shown on networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, and ABC. As of 2013 the NCAA made 912.8 million dollars in revenue from March Madness according to shows that only 532 million was reimbursed to between the 3 collegiate divisions. With Division 1 receiving $497,600,000 while division 2 received 22 million and division 3 receiving 13 million to split between each of its number of schools in each division. This money is to be disbursed between 5 different categories: 39 % to the basketball fund, 26 % to grants and aid, 15% to student assistance, 13% to sports sponsorships, and 5% to academic enhancement. That leaves almost 380.8 million dollars left. 280 million goes to association programming, management, and surplus. That still leaves close to 100 million dollars of unused funds that the NCAA has left over. Even more considering that the NCAA make around $6 billion annually just from March

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