Collision Chance Essay

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Asi “Collision chance: Moderately likely.” I hear its prediction in my ear and look forward. I stop the car at the light. It was green when I last looked. Thank god for Asi. I don’t know what I would do without her. “Collision chance: Unlikely.” All is good then. You can never be too careful when downtown, especially with how people drive in the business quarter. The billboards flash all around the car: “Drink Qoka Kola!” “The New Kar-brand Car: Get there!” “Asi: The Assistant of the Future!” “Eat Super-Corp’s newest berry – sponsored by Meleey Circus!” The light goes green and I drive forward, ignoring Asi’s latest crash prediction. Morning drives are the best part of the day, because it gives one time to think. Most people think about what …show more content…

I begin to slow down and let the car on the right merge in. He offers a wave of thanks. I merge to the right and begin to make a right turn into the work parking lot. “High chance of available parking spot.” I’d say so. There aren’t many people who work at Eco-You, let alone in accounting for the company. I pull in to the closest parking spot. “High chance of car damage by passing vehicle in space.” Oh, right. It’s next to the entrance. Thank god for Asi. I pull out of the space and drive into the middle parking spot. “Based on stock performance of Eco-You Inc., chance of layoff is low.” What a relief. I’ve been a good employee here, but I know that’s not all that matters. I’m an accountant, after all; and you can’t put a number to “goodness.” I head into the building and start my work. Work for me is a joy. A job that makes me write reports about numbers, ask Asi about numbers, talk to clients about numbers, and tell my boss about the numbers was all I could ask …show more content…

I went for a walk around downtown after work instead of heading to the car. It’s all so simple. We made it so simple. Follow what’s statistically best and you’ll do great! What else is there to ask for? That’s how you become happy, by doing what everyone else is doing. What is everyone else doing? Whatever is most optimal for them, of course. An optimized life is a good

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