Color Blind Racism Essay

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Color-blind Racism

As I waited in line at a grocery store I noticed that the wait was unbearably long. It’s the first of the month a man snickered to me, confused I asked him what do you mean? He replied with people receive their welfare checks today, I know you are not one of them. I told him you never know what someone is going through or what their financial situation is so you can’t pass judgement. After I said that he told me to look around and see what type of people I see. I continued to look when I notice a large amount of Hispanics in line, even though that’s what I saw I told the man I see people waiting in line. He continued to tell me how illegal aliens are ruining our economy, taking our jobs, and taking advantage of our
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The most aggressive level of color-blind racism is the scapegoat theory when a person or group is blamed irrationally for another person’s or groups problems or difficulty. I feel like the scapegoat theory is the most pernicious because it makes a minority group feel inferior for something that did not do. Than the exploitation theory which is the view of racial subordination in the United States as a manifestation of the class system inherent in capitalism. Finally the last level is solely discrimination which is the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups because of prejudice of for other arbitrary reasons. Not to mention the various ways minorities tried to assimilate to American standards and were still rejected. For example Takeo Ozwa attempted to become a U.S. citizen by following the Anglo-conformity steps but in the end was simply denied because he was Japanese. Even scientist skewed their research to depict minorities as inferior human beings; books were published to promote this way of thinking a great example would be Types of mankind and Notes on the state of Virginia.
An experience I went through that proved to me color-blind racism is prevalent was when I applied for a job. When I turned sixteen I was so excited to apply for a job because I wanted to feel independent. Naively I didn’t realize that race and ethnicity had a big part of wether or not I got hired. As I applied to this clothing store everything went as planned and
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