Color Scheme and the Work Place

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Color Scheme and Work Productivity 1 Running Head: Color Scheme and Work Productivity Color Scheme and Work Productivity How Does the Color Scheme of a Building Affect Work Productivity Introductory Psychology Research Paper Using APA Style Jessica N. Russell Milwaukee Area Technical College July 2008 Color Scheme and Work Productivity 2 Creating a productive work environment is a shift in both the blue collar and white collar work worlds that has the potential of influencing change in the wider arena of life. High work productivity while maintaining quality could have an extremely positive impact on the economy. Research indicates that employees produce a higher output of work when they…show more content…
(Hart, 2004, Color Scheme and Work Productivity 6 P.1). According to research completed by Blumber Capitals Partners, 80 percent of workers said the condition of their work environment affects their productivity, and 33 percent said they have actually left a job or taken a new one nased on the condition of the building and/or amenities offered. (Kampert, 2008, p.1). In 1998, a study was conducted in regards to task type, posters, workspace color on mood, satisfaction and performance. This study was overseen by the department of psychology at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. There were 112 student participants. As part of the experiment, they either performed a low or high demand task in a blue or red workspace, with or without a scenic poster. (English and Stone, 1998, p.175). Only hostility was affected by task type. Satisfaction and performance were not significantly affected by either the posters. Performance decreased for the high demand tasks and decreased for the low demand tasks. Posters made the workplace more pleasant, but also increased perceived task demand. Perceived task demand was marginally related to workplace color. Perceived task demand may moderate the effects of posters and workplace color on mood and other perceptions. Other date support the notion that cool Color Scheme and Work Productivity 7 colors are calming and warm colors are stimulating. (Stone & English, 1998,
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