Colorado School Of Public Health

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Omer Selim
Personal Statement
Colorado School of Public Health
Degree Objective: MPH

Public Health is an interesting topic. Many people may not understand the purpose of Public health, it is a fairly new field although it has been around since the 1800’s. Before being introduced to the the field, I was clueless and never knew such a subject existed. Going into college with dubious decisions on my major within the pre-med program I knew I wanted to help people and the society, but was unsure what to major in.

During my sophomore year I was exposed to public health through a course in Epidemiology which intrigued me, the course encompassed a broad history of public health and the concept of prevention rather than treatment. The course was so fresh,live,vivid, and full of passion. I remember that day until today since it engaged me and gave me a new perspective to help people. I was filled with excitement and looked forward to learn more each upcoming day and make a commitment due to my fascination with the subject, rather than jumping through different majors I finally found something I wanted to excel in.

I finally could answer my lifelong question that troubled me since I was a kid which was what do I want to do with my life? At that moment I was struck by an epiphany! The answer was finally right before my eyes and it was Public health, and from that day on I wanted start my journey in Public health, it changed the way I saw the world and in return I wanted to change…
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