Colorado Wildfire Case Study

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On the day at 22nd June 2012 there were at least eight large wildfires burning in Colorado, and at least 16 uncontained wildfires burning across the nation it would be safe to say that there was an outbreak of wildfires at this time. This fire was initially reported that approximately 1950 hrs. to the local United States forest service responsible for the Colorado Springs area. There are multiple agencies that were dispatched to locate and extinguish the reported fire however no fire or smoke was located so at approximately 2148 hrs. all agencies were released from the search efforts by the United States forest service. This shows that the responding agencies as well as the forest service exhibited due diligence in locating and extinguishing…show more content…
After an evaluation period of the wildfire noting the size and direction of travel the Colorado Springs fire department issued a voluntary evacuation of multiple areas, later that afternoon was called a type three incident management team assumed command of the fire and a 1 IMTeam was ordered ( Later that evening at approximately 1515 hrs. certain areas were mandatorily evacuated due to the fast-moving wildfire. It seems that looking back on this incident that all services involved from the beginning underestimated how quickly this fire would spread to populated areas. Even though hindsight is always 20/20 it seems that professionals who work in this industry and deal with the things on a regular basis would be able to stay ahead of most normal forest fires, or even from an outside perspective on the night of 22 June why were there no nighttime searches. It seems that if there were only a few people out with infrared devices or even better one aircraft equipped with an infrared device that they could have pinpointed the fire at night because of the heat it was…show more content…
some of the aerial force fighting resources were reassigned to a number large wildfire in the four county area. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that the wildfire created a large convection column of smoke with ice capping ( Which is a term that professionals use to describe when a forest fire is large enough to generate its own clouds that can be anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 feet high, these clouds develop a white top which is where the term ice cap comes from. Later in the afternoon the Waldo Canyon fire had made its way to the mountain shadows area of Colorado Springs, it was in this area where the loss of home structures was the largest. Also in this area is where two people lost their lives found in their home, it wasn't until after the fire reached this area that the Sheriff's office organized firefighters to protect homes in this community. It would seem that someone should have thought of this a day or two before and even had available police resources checking the homes to verify that the residents had in fact evacuated, and if they had not for any reason made sure that they were able to get them out of the area safely and as quickly as
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