Comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference 1919

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Case Study Week Two: Comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference 1919 1. According to the authors of Germany’s complaint. The various provisions of the treaty hurt Germany’s economy by forcing Germany to accept full responsibility for the damages caused not only by the Germans but also by everyone associated with them and the damage that was caused. As stated in the article, Comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 President Wilson recognized in his speech of 1916 “no single fact caused the war, but that in the last analysis the whole European system is in a deeper sense responsible for the war, with its combination of alliances and understandings, a complicated texture of intrigues…show more content…
Instead they were pretty much treated as if everything was their fault and they had sole responsibility for the war and they were going to pay the price. 3. The “fundamental Laws” the document appeal to in order to strengthen German assertions was the right to self- determination. They felt that by being deprived of that right, the feelings and wishes of all the people were being taken away and not being considered. They were forced to abide by other nations wishes without any input as to what they wished for themselves. 4. Personally I do agree that Germany was being mistreated. In my opinion, they were being unfairly treated because what applied to one nation did not apply to them. They were pretty much treated like they were the sole reason why the war started and they were being punished for the actions and choices of many nations. It was as if in order to live in peace they had to give up the very land and rights everyone was fighting for, especially the basic rights of the nations of self-determination. It is unreasonable and not right to force Germany to give up all power of their land, by having another nation determine everything for them, for Germany to have to rebuild their country and not benefit from it, rather the only benefit to rebuilding would be to other nations. I think defenders of the treaty would respond to Germany’s complaints by
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