Common Characteristics of an Organization

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Common Characteristics of an Organization

July 9, 2012
David Sarnowski

Common Characteristics of an Organization has moved through the trenches as they have built their business. Their company is an online shoe retailer that focuses on building a strong brand. By doing so profits were shown to be successful since they have been founded. With their success thee secret was very simple. The founder Nick Swinmurn started this business along with Tony Hsieh in 1999. The story that was told Swinmurn left a voicemail to Hsieh where he almost deleted the message. Swinmurn told him about those selling shoes was a $40 billion market. From there they have launched officially in June 1999. This business will be
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Build open and honest relationships with communication 7. Build a positive team and family spirit 8. Do more with less 9. Be passionate and determined 10. Be humble
All these values should be displayed by the employees that work for this organization. When you look at these values they clearly lay out what is expected of their workers in their daily interactions with their clients.
Just like any other business all organizations have a chain of command—an established hierarchy of authority levels (Richmond and McCroskey, 2009). Zappos have a chain of command and also have over 1500 employees within the company. You may not realize it due to a company being online shopping, but Zappos depends on other companies and members to collect data, do the shipping process and other items to run their business smoothly. The founder and Co-founder of Zappos is the Chief Executive of the business. There are different levels of managers and supervisors down to a front desk receptionist.
Zappos empowerment has improved through the years. A good communication network was established when Amazon acquired Zappos. The acquisition brings together two companies who share a passion for serving customers and whose customers benefit from cultures of innovation and long term thinking (Business Wire, 2009). They believed that becoming associated with Amazon they will be able to use one another’s strengths and believed in their vision to the
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