Serve Now Case Study Essay

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Tamkin Amin
M1A1 Short Paper: Serve Now
BUS 501: Improvements at ServeNow
Professor Terry Conry
March 10, 2015

The key problem that is described for this case “Improvements at ServeNow" involves the management practices of Mr. Bushley, who has been too busy to standardize a training program for his management team, and has no potential successors for the 4 mangers he is losing to entrepreneurship and retirement. Faced with this challenge, he has hired a consultant to assist with this transitional period and plan for better training and effective communication in the future. Mr. Bushley says that he does not have time or experience to help alleviate the situation. The use of technology for training and communication
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The group will need to create a development plan and the processes and communications/reporting chains must be set into place as soon as the new manager comes to work. Though implementation of new technologies for more effective communication may be more work in the beginning, it will be worth making the investment to avoid a situation like this repeating itself. There are many different communications technologies available to businesses todau, and choosing the right tools will need a thorough understanding of ServeNow’s goals and what the managers and operations teams want to achieve. Once these goals are made clear, and the technologies are identified, implementation of the chosen processes can commence.
Online collaboration can be an effective tool in recording and documenting all the new processes that are being created for future managers as well as employees. A repository of all information that is generated from brainstorming and collaborative writing can store key information on important people, liabilities, responsibilities, technology and employee information. The owner will have to make time to give the new managers an orientation of his ServeNow chain while discussing his most fundamental values and goals for having this business. These goals can include providing excellent customer service, and the best quality at the best price. Zappos is a
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