Common Miscommuncations When Using the Internet to Talk Essay

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Communication through the internet can cause misunderstanding. When you talk with someone in person, he or she can understand from your body language what do you mean with your words, but conversation through the internet loss the body language of the person; it probably leaves a different message in the person’s mind. Since the person might be happy, disappointed, or angry. Also, you can read through the person’s face that he or she understand you and if they follow your line, but through internet is difficult to notice that. Have you at any point misjudged something that was sent by means of content or message? At whatever point conveying through content, message, or internet informing, there is practically dependably perplexity or …show more content…

In opposition to theses points, some people believe that the advanced technology is fine because it helps military force development. Mankind's history is full of fights and warfare. Human beings have begun to battle one another for particular explanations. From the soonest fight taking into account humankind, individuals began to advance military technology; they began to take on certain sorts of weapon or arms, for example swords and shafts. Theories weapons were advanced into rockets and shots . The fighting in the past made the innovation of advance technologies of military because it makes their tasks easier. Technology advances impacted the wars from the beginning of emerging it since it expanded the quality and the improvement of that military force. The countries with higher technology has the most astounding military force.
RADAR is one of the military force development. It has many military purposes behind. It is an item recognition framework which works by radio waves. According to BBC News, “It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain” (RADAR, Par. 1). RADAR allows to see the objects in airspace. It is used to protect areas. It is utilized by most civil landing strips everywhere throughout the planet as a part of flying and wellbeing

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