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Communicating with people outside the work team

A.C 1.1 Explain why effective communication with those outside the work team is important
Effective communication with those outside the work team is important as it allows effective relationships to develop that are built on trust and respect which can benefit not only your work team and the team/individual you are communicating with but the business as a whole. It can benefit you, your work team and your business by creating environments where ideas can flourish and allowing fresh ideas to be bought into the team from outside, this can be extremely beneficial as thinking within a team may become stagnant without any outside influence. These new ideas may help solve problems and resolve …show more content…

This will benefit the company as customers are more likely to come back to a shop where they believe they have had excellent service and so a positive impression has been built of your business to that customer, this may have even further reaching benefits to trade if the customer then recommends your business to others based on the positive impression.
However it is not just external customers you should give a positive impression to; all people will respond better to positivity and so it is also important to give a positive impression to internal customers who will usually be colleges from outside your work team but within the same business. Giving a positive impression to them will in turn make themselves want to give a positive impression internal and external customers, it will also help to build better internal relations which will benefit the business by allowing better communication which will then allow the business to operative smoothly and effectively.
If you do not give a positive impression to customers, both external and internal, it may have a damaging impact on your business. For example you may lose a customer from your shop if you do not give a positive impression to them the customer may give a negative review of your shop to friends and family if they believe the impression you gave about the business to them was

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