Communication And Technology Essay

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With new technology on the rise, people continue to adapt and connect in a variety of ways that allow them to prosper in everyday life. Technology impacts our means of connection in a plethora of ways; essentially providing people with methods that allow them to communicate, the upcoming of social media, and the advances in technological travel. For instance, technology allowed people to expand the way they contact and reach the people they choose. Furthermore, there are an abundance of social websites and applications in which people interact, communicate, and connect differently. Lastly, without the convenient means of transportation present today, connecting with each other and the surrounding world would be much more difficult. In the …show more content…

Yet after the very innovative telephone came another great advancement in technology, the cellphone, which is a wireless device that includes a variety of ways to communicate such as: phone calls, text messages, audio clips, and even video chats. This advancement in technology brought families, friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers closer together, allowing for an even greater network of communication than ever before. However, the creation of the cellphone not only allowed people to connect with one another, but it allowed them to stay in touch with each other more often and not grow distant. As a result, it can be said that new advances in technology opens channels of communication and gives people valuable assets they can use to learn, which in return gives people the skill needed to communicate effectively. People then adapt to these accessible ways and ever-increase their connectivity with the rest of the world. Overall, with new technology people can now communicate and interact much faster than before, and this allows them to not distance themselves and not lose touch with people they care about and the rest of the world. As technology grew, it gave rise to an abundance of online networks and databases, ultimately developing different websites and applications in which people could interact and use for a variety of networking reasons. To elaborate, people can now use different applications to build up personal relationships, for entertainment, for work

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