Communication Apphremension

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I do believe that Danny has trait communication apprehension. He is shared of speaking in public and has had a bad experience when he was younger which added to his fear. “In fact several national studies have indicated that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear of Americans (above, snakes, drowning, heights, and death)” (Wrench, McCroskey, & Richmond, 2008, pgs. 67-68).
Danny has “high” communication apprehension for public speaking and it is so bad that it is affecting his job. He doesn’t however have an issue talking to Louise in a one on one conversation. He has situational communication apprrehension because of prior failure of his speech he had to give in high school and passed out. He also has skill deficiencies in public speaking and because of this fear he has never done anything about it. His fear of public speaking is controlling him and affecting his job.
I feel that Louise is not helping the situation with Danny she is actually putting more pressure on him which in turn is making his communication apphrehension worse. By not being supportive and trying to help him feel more comfortable she is pushing him farther away of the goal of the promotion. The more stress that he feels that he has
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If he has time he could also take a speech class and face his fear in a group of strangers first instead of his peers. “Of course, success causes both success and confidence, and thus reduces apprehension” (Wrench, McCroskey, & Richmond, 2008, pg. 71). He could try practicing in front of Louise before he gives the presentation infront of Lousie for practice. If he does not face his fear, then he is not going to get the promotion that he needs. He also needs to really sit down and talk to Louise about his fears so that she is on his side which will also make is stress level go down. By he putting pressure on him it is making his communication apprehension
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