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Communication in Leadership

Introduction 1
Transformational Leadership 3
Transactional Leadership 3
Laissez-Faire Leadership 4
Servant Leadership 5
Level 5 Leadership 6
Conclusion 7
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Effective communication can be considered an art as much as a science. There are of course many best practices that one can study to improve their ability to communicate. However, it can be difficult to distinguish different success factors responsible for effective communication various individual scenarios. For example, it is often hard to determine what went right or wrong in any given conversation. However, at the same time, effective communication is generally cited as one of the most important critical …show more content…

The number of different theories serves as evidence of the level of complexity that is inherent in the concept of leadership. Despite this complexity, virtually every leadership model states that effective communication is among the most important success factors. This analysis will select different leadership models and compare and contrast how these models view effective communications. Competing theories include such perspectives as trait theory, situational theory, behavioral theory, competencies theory, network theory of leadership and many more. This analysis will consider transformational leadership, transactional leadership, servant leadership, and “Level 5” leadership to attempt to identify any differences and similarities in the ways these theories include effective communication in their theories.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership has been called one of the most effective among the various theories of leadership (Judge & Bono, 2000). Transformational leaders are able to encourage their teams to reach their full potential by setting challenging expectations which into turn leads to the team achieve higher performances (Bass, 1999). Transformational leaders are also commonly associated with change and change management because they are able to inspire people to overcome their

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