Personal Vs. Business Communication

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Personal vs Business Communication While it is important to have effective personal communication, it is more important to have effective business communication. One of the largest differences between personal and business communication is that business communication usually is more formal and there is usually a much larger audience. People do not normally practice speaking before talking with a spouse, friends, or family, but they do, often practice speaking prior to conducting business with customers and business associates. For instance, it would not be unusual for a person to practice speaking before giving a presentation in a board room. People generally know how their friends and family will react or respond, but this is not usually…show more content…
It is essential for business leaders to have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as leaders are often a symbol of a company’s integrity and this affects not only how customers perceive the company, but also impacts the thoughts and actions of lower positioned employees. For example, a leader that speaks using improper grammar, or writes correspondence with spelling errors throughout it, could project a negative image that can be harmful to a company. Customers might conclude that the leader is incompetent and they might decide that they do not wish to purchase goods from a company that hires inept leaders. Furthermore, employees might become less apt to respect an authority that appears to be uneducated, as well as employees might feel that if the leader disregards using proper communication than it is not necessary for them to use it either. Business leaders need to know when to listen, when to talk, and how to share ideas effectively. Clear and concise communication states exactly how, who, what, and when and serves to guide, direct, protect, persuade, and to inform. Communication is essential for decreasing miscommunications and for increasing productivity, motivation, and efficiency. When someone uses effective communication, he or she is more apt to have favorable results and his or her requests will become granted more often. Furthermore, communication builds goodwill. Having excellent communication skills is
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