Communication Modalities in the Field of Healthcare

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Other things which would be discussed related to this are the benefits to the patient, the issue of maintaining patient confidentiality, the effective means of communication and the overall impact brought by the chosen media.
In today's world, the care of patients is a task which involves different personals. Here, everyone involved needs the sharing of patient information. Due to this, there has been an increase in the interest and usage of communication and information technologies which support health services. "While there exists a significant amount of investment and discussion in information technologies, the field of communication system receives far less acknowledgement" (Riffe, 1998). According to many analysts of the communication field, there exists tremendous amount of gaps in the broad understanding of many individuals involved with the field of health care regarding the proper usage of communication services.
It is also seen that things related to the health care such as laboratory medicine are often even more poorly studied due to this gap as compared to different other areas like the interface that exists between hospital…
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