Communication And Health And Social Care Setting

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NAME: Olubunmi Davies
Unit 1

Promote Communication in Health and Social Care Setting

1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate.
Communication is a process of passing or receiving messages, through individual or group of people. Lack of communication can minimize how people interaction with each other, sharing ideas, building a relation and understanding each other can only be achieve through communication. Also, in the care setting, employee, employer and the care user’s are able to deliver care provision and achieve their objection through communication. Communication enables understanding between people.
1.2 Explain how communications affect Relationship in the work setting
Communications affect relationship in a work …show more content…

When communication with an adult, the way they will be communicated to would be different from how to communicate with a child. Having the right communication skills to handle situation such as listening, eye contact, facial expression, use of words, and pitch of voice and tone of voice are all factors to consider in order promote good communication. As explained, communication is not only achieve through speaking but, how you engage people by given them eye contact and making use of simple and the right words can promote an effective communication .furthermore, listening to what others have to say and never assumed you know what they have to say are factors to consider in order to promote effective communication.

3.1 Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication method in different ways.
People from different background use and interpret communication method in different ways. Ethnicity and background influence how we use communication and our understanding to it. Many factors such as culture, age, gender dialect can determined our interaction with others because English may not be their language, culture can play a major role on how we communicate with people. In some culture for instance, it is not acceptable to give direct eye contact to an elderly person when they are communicating with you. However, in some culture not giving eye contact will be term as being rude. Also, different people from different background

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