Communication in Health and Social Care

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Communication in health and social care
Seeing, hearing



Expressing oneself
Seeing, hearing

Communication cycle
Idea occur- think of something you want to communicate e.g. pass on info or persuade someone to do something.
Message coded- think how you are going to say what you are thinking.
Message sent- send the message verbally or otherwise.
Message received- the other person sees/hears your message.
Message is decoded by the receiver.
Message is understood- if you have communicated clearly. The other person concentrates. There are no barriers and the other person shows understanding by nodding.
5 types of communication
Verbal communication refers to the …show more content…

Other ways to communicate in an informal manner may include texting, post-it notes, and an informal drop in visit to another person, or a quick and spontaneous meeting. Informal communication includes all the various methods of relaying information or messages between people. It often is called “the grapevine” as messages weave back and forth and around people. There are none of the trappings of formal messages, such as company letterhead, planned meetings or specific introductions of guests. Everyone is relaxed and casual, eager to chat about many things, as there is no specific agenda to follow.

Types of communication | Advantages | Disadvantages | How to improve | Verbal | In a world flooded with E-mail and other text-based communication, verbal communication has several advantages over other forms of communication. For example, we can slow down and present points one-by-one and make sure that each point is clearly communicated and understood before moving on to the next point.Verbal communication is far more precise than non-verbal. No matter how clear we believe we are being, different gestures have different interpretation. Verbal communication is also the most effective way of explaining complicated concepts, as problem areas can be readily addressed and explained. | Of course, this does not mean that verbal communication is the best option in every circumstance. Verbal communication can also be quickly

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