Communion Team Controversy

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**I was unable to locate an email address for Paul Sauvey. Could someone please forward this to him. Thank you.

Greetings Jack, Brady, Peter, Butch, Bart, Dennis, Paul;

As you know, just over 1 year ago I volunteered to take over the organizational aspect of the Communion Team. Even though I made it clear at the time that I did not feel led to become the Spiritual Leader of the team, I have somehow "evolved" into part of that as well. God rarely consults me prior to such events seeking my approval! (fortunately!)

At different times, I included the majority of you in emails (Brady mostly, of course) as I proceeded to attempt to organize and smoothly run Communion. As you may be aware, it has been anything but a smooth task. From …show more content…

In a normally functioning situation, I would have no hesitation to do so. However, I will not simply put another person on the tracks as an inevitable approaching train wreck bears down on them.

The Communion Team system and situation is broken and in need of re-evaluation and/or repair from a Top Church Leadership level standpoint. It needs more than just someone stepping in with a quick and temporary fix. Bandages and Get Well Soon cards will no longer sustain a patient that has been, and continues to, bleed out.

The Bottom Line: I am willing to continue to serve this ministry as its organizer/leader if SLC so desires, and continue to try to shore up this Sacrament Ministry. He has given me no clear indicator that I should do anything otherwise. If it is time for me to leave, or to remove me from, this place of responsibility, I am willing to accept that as God's call in the matter. In either case, I am now clearly laying the responsibility at SLC's feet to either step up and make Communion continue through the summer - or to adapt or remove it from our ministry efforts.

I look forward to hearing back soon on this situation. Thank you for your time and attention.

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