Community Health Nursing Intervention And Evaluation Essay

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Assignment Three: Community Health Nursing Intervention and Evaluation A generalist community health nurse (CHN) provides population-level assistance to health care agencies through a variety of means. This assignment is meant to provide an overview of potential generalist CHN community interventions. Types of clinical projects can include data analysis/tracking for trending purposes; on-going clinical project evaluation; educational intervention for clients, staff, and students; surveying needs of clients or staff for future programs; developing policies or procedures; and/or developing educational materials, such as posters, pamphlets or handouts. This assignment is 20% of your overall grade. Your proposal for this project is due Week 6, Saturday, 11:59 PM. Implementation and Evaluation of this project are due on your assigned clinical day, Week 8. See the Course Schedule and Due Dates. If necessary, however, you may secure permission from your Clinical Faculty and approval by your Preceptor to select another date for implementation. However, all projects must be concluded by the date noted above. • ● Student Assignments for Clinical Projects • ● If you are in a clinical group of two students at the same clinical site, the two students may work on this project together. Your Clinical Faculty and Preceptor will be available to assist you. • ● If you are the only student assigned to your clinical site, you are responsible for conducting this project singularly.

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