Community Health Nursing Interview : American Red Cross

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Community Health Nursing interview
Bhumika Chaudhari
Sep 29 1015
Nebraska Wesleyan University

American Red Cross is the agency that has served for more than 130 years to its neighbors down the street, across the country and around the whole world. It is the nations premier emergency preparedness organization. It is helpful to community in every imaginable crisis from the house fire to earthquakes. American Red Cross was found by Clara Barton to prevent and relieve of human suffering in the face of emergency by enable the power of volunteer and the kindness of donors.
Amy Brown is one of the essential member of American Red Cross, who is the central district manager in Nebraska. She has her BSN in marketing and
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This agency tries to provide blood locally and nationally. As per Amy this agency provides about 40% of the nations blood supply for medical emergencies and life saving treatment for acute and chronic diseases. Amy’s goal is to never collect over, because that would go waste and to never collect under as well. Amy and her staff are always prepared for disaster because she can’t wait last minute till the disaster would to happen. Amy states that the collected blood goes out within 4 days so they have to keep working to get more and more blood to fulfill medical emergency’s need.
Amy’s view of contribution to the agency is to provide safe blood when needed. She wants to reach more and more families with more aid when there is emergency. She wants all the hospitals to choose American Red Cross for their blood supply because of this agency’s value, safety services and reliability. She wants all the members of the military and their families to get desire comfort from this agency’s services. Amy wants to devote her whole life to help community by being with American Red Cross.
Mission statement of American Red Cross agency is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency by mobilizing the power of volunteer and the generosity of donors. Vision statement of American Red Cross is to have a strong network of volunteers, donors and partners to be there when in need. Fundamental principal of the global Red Cross network
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