Community Justice By David R. Analysis

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In this analysis we analyze chapters one, two and three from the text What Is Community Justice by David R. Karp and Todd R. Clear. We will then break down a specific case from a chapter in this text. The first chapter is about a placed called Ventura County and in this chapter it also discusses the theory of community justice as a whole as well as the community justice model. Chapter two is a bit broader and discusses neighborhood probation offices, the philosophy behind them and their current purpose and expansion. The third chapter which is also the chapter where the analysis takes place is about one specific case and an encounter. It starts off by pointing out a fairly small issue and attempting to address the issue but when examined more closely they discover major issues here and are now faced with a much larger problem than originally thought. The people of Vermont needed to build a new prison without taking away the funding for their school system or release violent and serious criminals back onto the streets but did not know which was the lessor of the two evils and needed help and needed it quick.
In the third chapter, the chapter and case that will be analyzed they introduce the idea of reparative boards. This takes place in Vermont, which the text cites as “not a high-crime state” (p. 63). Because of this they started to punish criminals more harshly and for longer amounts of time this eventually caught up to the state causing the

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