Community Mental Health Service Use

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Community Mental Health Service Use - A Critical Analysis
Community mental health is a prominent area of social work both in Canada as well as in India even though there are remarkable differences and similarities. The use of services and the factors determining the mental health usage too are different according to the culture, geography, sociological aspects, communities involved, immigrant population as well as differences in ethnicities. In Canada each province has different system for the community services but the sector is publically funded. There is variation in the intensity of community service uses due to various reasons and the non-European community uses the services the least in Canada (Whitley, Kirmayer, & Groleau, 2006). As an experienced helping professional from India, I experience numerous challenges when practicing my profession especially in community mental health service sector. The reorientation in social work knowledge which I learned from Canada is special when bench marking with the Indian social work education. Anti-oppression is redefining the entire perception and it is
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Critically thinking, it is high time to create adequate awareness about mental illness because it is culture and religious system creating the barriers in peoples minds (Padmavati, 2005). It is nearly impossivle to rollout mental health programs without effective community support so in effect a vast majority of identified patients are deprived of effective treatments. There is an another argument denoting the reactions and adverse effects of mental health medicines due to which an another minority stay away from mainstream treatment (Padmavati, 2005). The current research in pharmasuticals are yet to receve trust among general public on the above mentioned
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