Community Vergement Project : A Reflection Of A Community Engagement Project

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For my community engagement project my guest and I attended the Orchestra of the concert. I enjoyed this concert much more than the Stephen Page concert I attended for the first concert report. The variety of instruments enabled a much wider range of timbres and tone colors than the Stephen Page concert, which only had a saxophone and a piano. I also enjoyed bringing along a friend who had no experience with music and therefore was able to provide an alternative point of view to each piece.
The concert opened with “Capriccio Italien” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, whose pieces were influenced by the bustling streets of Rome. The piece begins with the trumpets roaring what I interrupt to be the sound of a morning rally for an army camp. A single string melody starts with support from the brass section in the background. Suddenly the orchestra decrescendos and an oboe and flute duet start, taking over the primary melody. Nearing the end of their melody both sections crescendo up until the trumpets rejoin with a climatic melody. The opening of this piece to me paints the picture of a sunrise and a town gradually waking up from slumber to begin a busy day. The orchestra drops to piano once more and the bassoon section now takes over the melody. I really enjoyed how the orchestra swapped the same melody throughout each section. This melody is then swapped out for a new upbeat and playful melody performed by the oboe and flute section. The brass section, then takes over the melody,

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