Company Analysis: Google

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Introduction Google is #1on the Fortune list of the top 100 companies to work for (Fortune/CNN, 2013). The company has achieved this standing for a number of different reasons, each of which will be outlined in this paper. Why Google is Great Google is famous for offering up an indulgent working environment, which is a trade-off for what the company expects with be hard work. Google provides at its main facility in California a bowling alley, bocce courts, and free cafes. The company strives to foster an environment where creative people can work intensively, by providing them with the means to blow off steam at various points. In addition, Google sees its perks as being a way to attract the best talent in the industry as well. In the knowledge-based industry in which Google operates, the company believes that it must be the most attractive proposition for such talent, and it competes against many companies that have the same philosophy. The company even allows employees to design their own workspaces, to encourage maximum creativity on the job. Google is also a successful company. This factors into making it attractive because the company can offer superior compensation packages. Employees who have been granted stock now find their shares have increased in value significantly, and this has served to increase the wealth of everybody at the company. The company is also able to spend on its employees, and these perks cost little in comparison with the value that most
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