Company 's Position Within The Pillars Of Analytics Competition

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2) Describe your company 's position within the pillars of analytics competition?
The four attributes found in companies that compete on analytics and described in the book “Competing on Analytics” are the following: Supporting a strategic, distinctive capability; general use of analytics across the organization; executives embedded analytics as part of their working lives; and adopting a large scale ambition.

Speaking about the Real Estate Technical Services department, the application of the business intelligence as a set of technologies and processes that use data to generate fact-based decisions is a case not much different from the Wire Transfer department identified above. But, other departments like Securities where the entire …show more content…

The latter has let the company to participate in new services such as foreign currency markets and structured products offerings, with which market share and customer loyalty have increased. These additional results make this bank a clear competitor on analytics.

3) Describe your company 's progress within each stage of competing on analytics.
The Wire Transfer department is a clear example of analytically impaired. The managers have no interest to advance to the second stage –localized analytics. Functional processes will remain in the lowest stage because of the lack of decision and skills to adopt analytics. The main rates such as abandoned calls and waiting time are exceeding the service level agreement most of the time. As a result, many customers and workers are dissatisfied. No wonder why the turnover rate is pretty high, including managers, and thousands of international customers have looked for other financial institutions.

Instead, the Securities department does have analytical capabilities to generate competitive performance and value for the company and customers, respectively. They have embraced the culture that other areas don’t have. The culture let them to obtain outstanding results by using the methods,

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