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Our client, a medium-sized seller and worldwide manufacturer has hired us to analyze and help resolve an employee team problem. The company’s Research and Development team (R&D) recently decided it needed to revamp and create high-end designer products in order to remain competitive in the world market. Our client had originally created a virtual task force comprised of three individuals chosen for their expertise in the areas of product design, sales and marketing.
Relevant Facts:
The 3 members: Jay, Conan, and Ellen were chosen to develop the initial design parameters for the new product. Ellen, the current leader, has not performed well as The Task Force has come to a complete standstill. The client is very concerned that …show more content…

Ellen writes a memo to the Board of Directors of the company recommending the use of the existing design.
Alternative #2. Ellen re-establishes her position as team leader and builds a more cohesive team to accomplish to task.
Alternative #3. The team should not go over R&D and write directly to the Board. They should instead address the R&D request and explain to their recommendations. If the Board concedes that a re-design is not necessary, the task force is no longer needed and the dynamics within the team do not need to be addressed. If the Company extends the production date, does not necessarily have to fix relational problems. By re-establishing her position as leader, Ellen and her team can achieve to original goals assigned to them.
The first problem Ellen needs to resolve are the negative behavioral issues present in the task force that are affecting performance. The team will remain stagnant unless Ellen can motivate the team out of the storming stage (Phillips & Gully, 2014, p. 394). It is evident there is dysfunctional conflict within the team, primarily based on insignificant reasons. “The team leader needs to keep team members focused on their goals, roles, and tasks to avoid members’ becoming distracted by the

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