Comparative Politics of the French and Mexican Governments Essay

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Political Science 113 Prof. Laremont Ronald Summers The political systems of today's world vary tremendously as you span the world. Each of these systems has gone through an evolution based on mistakes of the past and the needs of a stable and equal government. Most nations throughout the world observe political means through either Unitary or Federal legislation. The Federal government of Mexico and the unitary government of France are perfect examples of the differences and similarities of unicameral and bicameral legislature. When looking at the political systems we must first understand the ideologies behind it. The main ideology that has help to define the French political system is that of bicameral legislation. In bicameral …show more content…

Given the dominance of the executive over the legislative and judicial branches, interest groups and lobbyists have not developed in Mexico. Interests groups who wish to influence policy do so mostly through the executive branch or seeking contacts with agency heads and cabinet figures. The president is elected by direct popular vote every six years and cannot be reelected. Presidents acquire vast authority because they control all selection of candidates in their party for elective office at the national level. The executive also can exercise great influence because many Mexicans have come to expect a strong president and public elections give the president much power since the people chose him. The president is the chief policy maker, and the executive branch handles 90 % of Mexico's legislation. The president chooses members of his cabinet, which results in them being the most influential members of the executive branch. No president has ever selected a member of an opposition party as a cabinet official until President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León took office in December 1994. The cabinet is also divided into smaller groups such as an economic or national security cabinet, which make policy recommendations to the president or respond to his policy initiatives. The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate make up Mexico's bicameral legislative body. There are 500-members in the Chamber of Deputies that are elected for three-year

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